I had always hyped up 2015 to be the biggest and best year of my life. Little did I know it was also going to be a rollercoaster!

There were high expectations of this year, simply because of the milestones. It was DNC’s official anniversary of 10 years on 1st April. This gave me a chance to look back and reflect on the progress of the company since I naively started it as a young adult just ten years ago. Little did I know it would flourish into a family like institution which so many people have taken benefit from.

I remembered all of the students who have come and gone in the past ten years. The numbers must be in their late hundreds. What I find fascinating is so many people joined DNC thinking it was just a dance school, but soon enough became a part of a unique culture and lifestyle.

Many have taken this process further and accelerated or enhanced their spiritual development, using DNC as a platform.

It still gives me pleasure to see new faces walking through the doors of the DNC Studio, excited but also unaware of what the next few months or even years may bring for them. Many get immediate physical benefits, some experience better clarity and balance of mind and a lucky few get a kind of spiritual awakening of a higher purpose.

This year was also my 30th Birthday. All of my 20’s had gone into building up the dance company and establishing the studio, so it felt only right to celebrate the big day by doing what I love most – dance! I performed a full length Kathak solo recital, with live musicians at the Nehru Centre.

It was a big process leading upto it, as I collated all my material learnt with both Shila Mehta and Pratap Pawar from the past decade. There was a lot of trial and error, organizing the content into a structured order and then performing it to various small groups as a trial. It was also a challenge physically for me to perform for such a duration, following my health scare two years ago.

I was very proud with my delivery on the day and I have noticed the students who attended on the day, more inspired. It reminded me that I need to perform regularly to motivate them.

The big challenge was then to re-focus my mind immediately after the 24th June show, and organize the Summer Production in just a month! A lot of careful planning and time went into putting together our Grand show on 25th July at Beck Theatre. The audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy the educating and entertaining line up of songs and choreography, accompanied by spectacular costumes. The buzz backstage was phomonomial and everyone seemed to really pitch in to offer their help. I smiled with pride as I realized that I had achieved the sense of community I had desired when I first started DNC.
Many people ask me what my next goals are. For now I am just enjoying continuing to learn, teach and take my students deeper into the art form.