Nikita; "I wrote this poem in my early teens, during a lunch break at school. Years later I found this poem, written on a scrap piece of paper and i could barely make out the words. I just about managed to read what the words said and took the time to re-form it. It explores the theme of a teenage break up. When you grow so attached to someone and you realise they do not and did not feel the same. The self questioning, blame and most of all distrust shapes how you then go on to trust the opposite sex..."

I am trying to make it easier,
Easier for my heart,
Easier to analyse,
How my dreams get torn apart.

Perhaps I shouldn’t dream,
Maybe it wasn’t real,
Perhaps it was meant to work out like this,
Is this an imbalance of the wheel?

What I just don’t understand,
Or what I can’t digest,
Is why it seems to only happen to me,
Why not to all the rest?

All I wanted was to be loved,
A strong desire to belong,
I’ve been looking all my life,
But it always turns out wrong.

Is it because I am cursed,
Or do I just not deserve love,
Will my luck ever be reversed,
Or will it always be this tough?

I am looking for answers,
I am looking deep inside,
If you know what I am going through,
Then can I confide?

My heart feels like a toy,
Played with and used,
My mind is asking questions,
My body feels abused.